How to Remove Command Strips

It is crucial that you remove these properly. There are directions on the box as to how to remove them properly but we have gone ahead and provided a few helpful video links just in case. 

Cleaning Check List:

We charge a $45/hour cleaning cost. Please make sure to follow this check-list closely. If you are unsure about how you have left the apartment, request a walk-through with us. 

-Please make sure to throughly clean the refrigerator both inside and out, underneath it, and the top should be wiped down as well. It should be spotless both inside and out.

-The inside of the stove should be scraped free of any food debris as should underneath the stove top pans. The stove pans should be cleaned and scrubbed as well. There shouldn't be any black residue inside the stove or underneath the stove pans. 

-Kitchen floor should be swept and scrubbed/wiped down. Sink and countertop should be clean. The insides of the cabinets should be wiped down if they are dusty or if there is any food left in them. 

-Please do not leave any furniture as we will have to charge you to dispose of it. Please take anything that you do not take with you to Goodwill. 

-Bathroom toilet, sink, and the tile should be scrubbed clean. Bathroom tile and floor should be scrubbed down and cleaned as well. Bathroom tub should be scrubbed clean.

-Hardwood floors in the living room, dinning room and bedroom should be swept and wiped down/mopped. 

-Windows and window sills should be cleaned as well. 

-Replace light bulbs that are out

-Refer to your lease packet (deposit page) for more information regarding what items to clean.


Please make sure to provide us with your forwarding address so we can send your your deposit!