Q: What do I pay for my move-in?

A: When tenants move-in they are expected to pay first month’s rent and a security deposit. We have a $1,000 refundable deposit on all of our apartments. Residents do not pay last months rent at move in. Last months rent is due the last month of occupancy.

Q: How do I pay rent?

A: The easiest way to pay rent is through your online tenant portal.  You will get an activation link upon move-in.  If you loose that link you can login here: https://littlebeirut.appfolio.com/connect or email us at office@littlebeirutproperties.com

Q: Can I use my security deposit to pay for last-months rent?

A:  The security deposit is not to be used as last months rent. It is held by Little Beirut Properties for potential damages to the unit after the resident moves out. 


Q: When do I receive my security deposit refund and list of charges?

A:  Any refund and list of charges of the security deposit will be mailed to former resident within 31 days. Please provide us with your forwarding address.


Q: I am moving and I need to give my 30 day notice. How do I do this?

A: We require a minimum of a 30 day notice. Please send your 30 day notice to  office@littlebeirutproperties.com In this e-mail, please include your forwarding address. We need this in order to send you your deposit and move-out accounting. 


Q: To whom is the security deposit refund check written?

A:  The check will be written out to all tenants on the lease unless Little Beirut Properties receives written confirmation that an individual forfeits their right to the check.


Q: What is your pet policy?

A:  We allow cats and small dogs upon approval


Q:  What kind of lease lengths do you offer? Can I have a shorter lease?

A:  Prices advertised are for 12 month leases. We do offer shorter lease lengths for an additional monthly cost: 9 month lease $75/more/month 6 month lease $100/more/month.


Q:  Do you hold apartments?

A:  Apartments are not held, reserved or secured until a rental agreement or reservation deposit has been signed and payment made. Once you have been approved we require a $1,000 reservation due immediately. This reservation goes towards your refundable security deposit. We process application very quickly and apartments rent fast. 


Q: Do you have a wait-list?

A: We dot not have a wait-list at this time. We always urge people to like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/littlebeirutproperties We post all of our current and future rentals on our Facebook page and Craigslist. It's a great way to stay in the loop regarding future rentals. 


Q: Do you accept cash as rent payment?

A: We do not accept cash as rent payment. Rent should be paid in Check or Money Order. Application fees can be paid in cash. 


Q: When is rent due?

A: Rent is due on the 1st. It should be delivered or mailed. Make sure to give it at least 2-3 days to arrive via mail.


 Q: How often do you raise rents?

A: We rarely raise rents. We raise rents by 3-5% every few years, depending upon the market. 


Q: I signed a 12 month lease and my lease is up at the end of this month. Do I need to sign another lease in order to stay here? 

A: Nope! Your lease now goes month-to-month. We hope you stay for many years to come! We pride ourselves on having many longterm residents. 


Q: Do any of your apartments allow smoking?

A: No. Smoking is prohibited at all of our buildings. Smoking on premises is grounds for lease termination. 


Q: Can I use Drain-O when my drains get clogged?

A: Please refrain from using any over the counter drain clearing products. These are very harsh on older pipes and can cause numerous problems in the long-run. We would be happy to come snake your drain. Please e-mail John office@littlebeirutproperties.com if you have a maintenance request. Hair is the #1 culprit for clogged bathroom drains. Make sure you have a hair catcher in your bathroom sink and tub. Food is the #1 culprit for clogged kitchen drains. Make sure you have a strainer and dispose of food in the your compost bin rather than in the sink. 


Q: Does my building offer composting?

A: Yes! We love composting. If you would like a complimentary compost pail, composting guide and magnet please e-mail John office@littlebeirutproperties.com


Q: My smoke alarm beeps every hour or so. Why is it doing this?

A: Your smoke alarm is low on batteries. This is its way of letting you know. Residents are in charge of replacing smoke alarm batteries and ensuring that they maintain in working order. Tampering with a smoke alarm results in a $250 fee per alarm. Do not under any circumstances remove your smoke alarm. It is there for the safety of yourself, the safety of your belongings, and the safety of those around you. 


Q: A light bulb went out in my apartment. What should I do?

A: Residents are in charge of replacing their own light bulbs. Please be extra careful removing the light fixtures. Many of them are one of a kind and have been hand selected. In some cases, they can be costly to replace. 


Q: It is 2 a.m. and I locked out. Who can let me in?

A: Lock-outs are free between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Beyond these hours, lock outs are $75. To avoid this situation, please make sure to have a spare key hidden somewhere or give a copy to a friend. If you are locked out and need immediate access to your apartment, please call Gio at 971.331.6258


Q: I am new to Portland and I am completely lost. What are some places you recommend (restaurants, entertainment, outdoor activities, etc)? 

A: We would be more than happy to help you! E-mail John at office@littlebeirutproperties.com Let's get together for coffee or tea and we can definitely help you feel a bit more acclimated. 


Q: What does Little Beirut mean?

A: It is just a cheeky nickname for Portland that we are quite fond of.  


Q: My roommate and I want to split the rent. Can we deliver two checks, one from each of us?

A: We are only able to accept one check per apartment. We recommend using an online website such as PayPal to transfer funds between you and your roommate. 


Q: Who do I make my rent check out to?

A: If you live in Virginia Lee, 15th Avenue, Finer Court or the One Stop Building, please make your check out to Little Beirut Properties. If you live in South Crest, please make your rent check out to BKY LLC.


Q: Are you a property management company?

A: Not really. We own 5 buildings and we privately run them. We do not manage properties that we do not own ourselves. If you are a property management company or a private owner seeking advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to advise you as best we can. 


Q:  Do you have any houses for rent?

A: We currently only have apartment buildings. Like our FB page to follow updates in regards to whether or not we have expand single family homes into our portfolio. 


Q: Where do I send my rent?

A:  You can mail your rent to 1619 NE Killingsworth St, Suite B, Portland, OR 97211. If you choose to mail it, please give it a minimum of 2-3 days to arrive.


Q: What is your late fee?

A: Rent is due on the 1st and is late after 12:00 midnight on the 4th. Late fee is $75 and is payed with your late rent.